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The Town of Canaan Assessment Roll is available online by clicking HERE

To VIEW or PAY Canaan tax bills and payment status online, please click HERE

SPECIAL NOTICE: 2015-2016 Transfer Station Permit Stickers for Canaan Residents Only are now available at Town Hall during office hours (M,W,Thur,F 9:30am-2:30pm and Thur. 6:00pm-8:00pm). By mail: Address to Canaan Town Clerk, PO Box 459, Canaan, NY 12029, include your name, physical address in Canaan, License Plate number and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return. One Permit Sticker only per residence. Please choose the one vehicle you will be using to bring refuse to the Station. Stickers must be fixed to a passenger side window.

SPECIAL NOTICE: EZ Passes for passenger vehicles only can now be purchased at Town Hall during office hours for $25.

A message from the Town Board!

June 2015

Fellow Canaan Residents:

The following is our annual Town Board update including information that may impact you this year.

Town Finances

For the seventh budget in a row the Town of Canaan had either a decrease or no increase in its property tax levy. Unlike many other municipalities, Canaan has no debt and is not involved in any litigation. Canaan continues to receive one of the highest scores of any municipality in New York State from the NYS Comptroller’s Office for financial strength. The Town has one of the lowest property tax rates, $1.41 per $1000 of assessed value in Columbia County. The Town has assigned cash reserves for highway equipment, buildings and Stoddard Field that totaled $244,679 at year end 2014. The Town also has unassigned cash reserves that totaled $300,036 at year end 2014.

Included in this letter is a summary of Canaan’s 2015 Budget. The intent is to show you how much our Town spends or reserves, and where our revenues come from. It also gives you a comparative view of how much we pay in various property taxes.

2015 Assessment Roll and Taxpayer Rebates

This year our Assessor’s office has worked closely with the NYS Office of Real Property Tax Supervision (ORPTS) to maintain our average Town assessment at 100% of market value. As an alternative to spending tens of thousands of dollars on an independent assessment revaluation every five years, the Town Assessor and her assistants spend a few thousand dollars each year traveling around Town verifying and updating our property database so a full revaluation can always be done in-house directly by our Assessor at a negligible expense.

The Town has successfully filed an Efficiency Plan with Columbia County and the NYS Budget Office. This Plan must show a 1% reduction in Canaan Town taxes over the next three years. Our voluntary participation in this Plan has allowed Canaan residents to receive rebates for 2014-2015 School and County property tax increases.

Website Update

The Town’s website is being modernized and should be online by September. The new website will be easier to update and contain more information (financial and audit reports, public notices, current events, all Town forms and applications, current Assessor and Code Enforcement notices). More internet links will be provided to supplemental information.

Stoddard Field

The Town has begun a series of improvements and repairs to equipment and landscaping at Stoddard Field, which will take place over the next two years. We will also be having consultations with the Army Corp of Engineers about the deteriorating condition of the Field’s pond.

Transfer Station

On March 15th a significant date passed without notice in Town. This was the expiration of the original Transfer Station contract, a twenty year old Industrial Development Agency agreement. In other words, no more free garbage for Canaan residents or a host fee to the Town. Planning ahead three years ago the Town Board used the remaining host fees to buy extended free garbage and maintenance permits for Canaan residents until 12/31/2020.

Highway Equipment and Garage

The Town replaced its oldest large truck (1994) with a new MACK ten wheel model last November. The MACK has a much larger hauling and sanding capacity than our other International six wheel trucks. This purchase was paid for out of our Highway Equipment Reserve and with NYS Consolidated Highway Improvement Plan (CHIPS) funds. The purchase had no impact on our property taxes. The Town has an efficient Equipment Replacement Plan, which has modernized our fleet without property tax increases while maximizing resale/trade-in values.

Working with NYSEG, the Town replaced all the highway garage lighting with new efficient LED bulbs and ballasts saving approximately $635 dollars a year in electric bills.

County Route 24 Bridge Replacement

The bridge on County Route 5 which spans Stony Kill between State Route 295 and the Town Hall was replaced in 2014. In the summer of 2016 the bridge on County Route 24 which spans Indian Creek in Red Rock will be replaced by Columbia County. The bridge is very old and its capacity to withstand water flow needs to increase significantly. All public safety providers will be notified and will have alternate routes available.

Canaan residents pay over $2 million in Columbia County property taxes each year. Although projects like this are a short term inconvenience for many residents, we deserve a portion of our share of property tax money returned from the County in the form of long term infrastructure improvements to our County roads and bridges.

Love’s Travel Stops and Stores

Construction has finally begun after a two and a half year application process. Estimated completion is early December assuming the weather cooperates and all inspections are satisfactory. The Peaceful Valley Road access on State Route 22 will be moved a few hundred feet north. The ‘old’ section of Peaceful Valley Road will remain open until the new section is completed. Transfer Station access will remain the same.

Love’s is the ninth largest private company in the United States operating over 300 travel facilities in 39 states. This is their first developed site in NY. It will include a large ‘convenience’ store, a Subway, a Dunkin’ Donuts, a tire repair store, a Columbia County Tourist Center, gasoline and diesel fuel pumps, and weigh stations, Construction cost is estimated at approximately $6.5 million.

Love’s and its associated franchises are expected to employ as many as 75 people, many full time. Estimated sales tax generation is between $3 and $4 million annually; with half going to NYS and half to Columbia County and its municipalities. Love’s will also pay School, fire company and ambulance property taxes based on 100% of the developed location’s assessed value. County and Town property taxes will start at 50% of assessed value in the first year and graduate up 5% a year over the next ten years to 100%. This is the standard NYS Real Property business tax exemption for new businesses locating in NY.


• To our residents who own dogs, please make sure they have a rabies vaccination and are licensed at Town Hall for both you and your dog’s safety. Cats accessing the outdoors should also have a rabies vaccination.
• For residents using open vehicles to transport garbage to the Transfer Station, State law requires materials be secured or covered so they do not leave the vehicle during transport. Please take the extra time to secure materials so they do not end up on our roads. 2015-2016 Stickers are available at Town Hall.
• Before making any construction changes to your home or property please check with the Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector to see if a building permit, inspection and Certificate of Occupancy are required.
• The Town Summer Youth Swim Program begins June 29th and ends August 7th, Monday-Friday. Sign up at Adams Point Beach 9am-12 noon – bring a copy of your immunization record. The afternoon portion of the Summer Youth Program at Stoddard Field has been discontinued because of poor attendance.
• Adams Point Beach hours are Monday-Thursday 12pm to 6pm, Friday 12pm to 7pm, Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.
• Seniors meet at the Town Hall every Wednesday from 11am-1pm with lunch provided by Columbia County Office of the Aging. The meeting provides many special programs and an opportunity to get to know your neighbors. For more information call Judy @ 518-392-9053.

The Board wishes to extend our thanks to our resourceful, professional Highway Department, our invaluable and knowledgeable employees and Justices, and all our volunteers on various boards and committees for their generous assistance to Town officials and the community. We would also like to thank our volunteer Fire Companies, Ambulance squad and NYS/County Police for their continued dedicated service to our public safety.

Rick Keaveney
Brenda Adams
Carrie Bither
Alan Miller
David Patzwahl

Questions? Suggestions? Use Contact the Town.

2015 Budget is online

Town Hall:
The Canaan Town Hall is located on County Route 5, just south of the intersection with NY State Route 295. Our physical address is: 1647 County Route 5, Canaan NY The mailing address is PO Box 459, Canaan, NY 12029.

Our physical address is: 1647 County Route 5, just off NY Route 295
The Canaan Town Clerk's hours are:

Monday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The Clerk's office can be reached at (518)781-3144, ext. 1. If you have a question about the town, the Clerk probably has the answer! So give her a call or feel free to stop by.

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