What You Can Do

  • Both Charter Spectrum and Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) Communications are installing fiberoptics to carry broadband internet service throughout Canaan.
  • We do not have a firm date for when broadband internet service will be available in our area.

To find out if your address is going to be offered broadband service:

If you are a current customer of Charter Spectrum cable TV (or if your neighbors are customers):

If you are a current customer of Consolidated (formerly Fairpoint) Communications:

  • Email Bill Mulrein at Consolidated Communications at bmulrein@fairpoint.net.
  • Include your landline phone number and street address in your email. Ask Bill if (1) your address is going to be offered broadband service and (2) when will your address be offered broadband service.
  • You should receive a phone call from Bill Mulrein who will answer your questions.

If neither Spectrum nor Consolidated have your address on their maps for broadband service, please contact the Town of Canaan Broadband Subcommittee members: Brenda Adams (beahwd@gmail.com), Terese Platten (editplatten@fairpoint.net), or Alan Miller (alan@redlinecars.com).

The Subcommittee will develop a list of unserved Canaan addresses and will work toward ensuring that everyone in Canaan who wants broadband service will be able to get it per the New York State (NYS) Broadband Office grant funding or the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) agreed-on rules for the purchase of Time-Warner Cable by Charter Spectrum.